Click here to buy: Brother HE 240 Embroidery Machine with USB Port

Experience a performance that you had never before with new Brother HE-240 embroidery and sewing machine. Its full feature operation will blow your mind for sure. When I was thinking of buying a sewing machine for my personal sewing works, I was kind of confused which one should I buy. Then I started looking for something that caters to my needs. Finally I found Brother HE-240, which is a great embroidery and sewing machine to start with. It offered me numerous features within my budget.

The built in fonts and designs of this sewing machine will make your work much easier. You will find 67 different stitches in it. The sewing machine has multiple stitches to match with different stitch designs including button holes. It makes the buttonhole making process a fun. All you need is one pre-programmed buttonhole setting, and the machine will implement it.

You can do different decorative stitches with this machine. The adjustable needle will give you full control over stitches. You can decide, what should be the length and width of every stitch. This makes this machine more user-friendly and easy to use.

The most important feature of Brother HE-240 is that it includes a USB port. You can connect it with the computer which gives you a way to choose your personal designs more easily. The built in memory can save your personal settings and you can use them at any time which saves your time. The computerized control system makes the sewing consistent regardless of complexity.

This sewing machine includes a fast bobbin wind system. Ample room for sewing projects makes it easy to work with. It includes twin needles to make the decorative designs perfect and smooth. You can program the needle position button to raise it or lower it. The large LCD touch panel and LED bulb has added a new dimension to its uniqueness. It has a sew speed of 710 stitch per minute which is faster than other sewing machine of its class.

Doing embroidery with Brother HE-240 is quite easy. As I was doing embroidery for the first time I was quite nervous. But when I started working on it I found it easier than I thought. It comes with clear user’s manual and a disc which helped me a lot in this regard.
But one problem with this machine is that it doesn’t include embroidery software. You can’t spell multiple fonts and fonts which are not included in it. Another limitation is that you can work only on 4*4 areas.

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